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PSI Plastic Suppliers Inc
  Earth FirstFounded in 1949, Plastic Suppliers along with its European and Asian subsidiary, Sidaplax Specialty Films, offers 64 years of experience converting plastic films and nearly 40 years of experience manufacturing high-quality plastic films. Plastic Suppliers manufactures Polyflex brand films used in the shrink sleeve label, flexible packaging, tamper-evident, thermoforming and windowing markets, and EarthFirst, an environmentally friendly biopolymer film made of Ingeo.

  Sukano develops and manufactures functional and optical additive masterbatches for enhancing the properties of biopolymers. Since its foundation in Switzerland in 1988, Sukano has expanded manufacturing operations in USA and Malaysia, further strengthening its global supply and customer support position. Sukano has been providing specialized solutions to PLA processors since 2005.
  JAMPLAST Inc. has been distributing thermoplastic polymers since 1994. The company works with over 250 customers in North America helping them with their raw material needs. JAMPLAST was the first distributor in North America to begin handling bio-based polymers over 15 years ago. Ask us how we can help you.
Gala Maag logo
  Gala Industries, Inc. is a global leader of underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers, with over 15,000 installations combined.

Anhui Hengxin
  Hefei Hengxin Environmental Sci & Tech Co.,Ltd (Hefei Hengxin Paper & Plastic Co., Ltd.) is a company exclusively focused on the manufacture and export of disposable paper cups, lids and plastic articles at home and aboard, and has been making disposable cups for over 15 years. Today Hengxin has developed into a modern enterprise which has broad product offerings available in paper cups and related products with production capacity up to 5,000,000 pieces per day.
Meridian Holdings Group
  MHG’s biopolymer resins have helped create a healthier product marketplace for over a decade. You’ll find us in shrink-wrap, disposable flatware, coffee cup waxes, bottle seals, packaging and label glue, and many other products consumers and businesses use every day..
Innovia Films
  Innovia Films is a major producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose-based films with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium, and Australia. It holds a leading global position in the markets for labels and security films, coated packaging, overwrap, and renewable and compostable films.
Laurel Bio Composite
  Laurel BioComposite, LLC is a Nebraska company that formed in 2007. Laurel BioComposite, LLC manufactures Bio-Res™ powder and pellets, environmentally friendly products made from distillers grain, that can be blended with thermoplastics and thermosets in a variety of manufacturing applications.
 Eco-Products   Eco-Products is the nation’s leading provider of environmentally responsible foodservice packaging products offering the broadest possible selection of compostable and post-consumer recycled packaging alternatives.
 Green Sports Alliance   The Green Sports Alliance leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. We do so by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, recycling, water efficiency, species preservation, safer chemicals and other environmentally preferable practices. Alliance members represent nearly 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries. Find our more at

 Bonset   Bonset America Corporation is a manufacturer of heat-shrinkable films that are used for printed full-body sleeves in the labeling, bundling, and proofing of many different consumer products. Now Bonset is expanding its film portfolio to include PLA heat shrinkable film for environmentally friendly applications still requiring high end marketing attribute.
 Fabri-Kal   Fabri-Kal, a leading packaging solutions provider, manufactures Greenware® premium cold drink cups, portion cups and food containers. Greenware® is made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from annually renewable resources-not petroleum. Greenware® is 100% compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities.

Metabolix   Metabolix, Inc. is an advanced biomaterials company focused on delivering innovative, sustainable and high-performance solutions to the plastics industry. Mirel® biopolymers, based onPHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates), can be used as biobased performance additives to increase the ductility and strength of PLA in nonwoven, film, injection molded, thermoform and packaging applications..

King Yuan Fu   Established in 1978, King Yuan Fu has been known as a specialized & experienced factory for thermoforming. With many years’ experience, we’ve served our products to several domestic food processors in Taiwan, and sold our products to more than 30 countries and enjoy the good reputation worldwide.
Leistritz   Leistritz manufactures modular, high speed, energy input (HSEI) twin screw extruders. Areas of specialization include equipment for compounding, engineering resins, adhesives, reactive extrusion, foaming, and direct extrusion of sheet, film, fibers, and profiles. Full technical services are available, including process optimization, inspections, on-site training, workshops, and a complete process laboratory.
  Polyvel is a polymer compounder committed to the development of specialty additive masterbatches and compounds. We offer several functional products and responsive development of customized solutions for any request. Our products are utilized in packaging, recycling, nonwovens, molding, and several extrusion applications. We’ve worked with Ingeo PLA from its commercial inception.

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