Tim Womer

Tim Womer

Tim Womer 
President, TWWomer & Associates, LLC

Workshop TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Extrusion Equipment Engineering for PLA: Theory and Practice

Learn an approach for properly engineering extruder screws and dies for processing PLA resins. The material properties will be discussed and the appropriate design criteria defined. Demonstrations will show how to apply the design criteria to perform engineering calculations for single screw extruder and flow channel design and optimization. The workshop will be taught through a troubleshooting approach in which poor designs are investigated and new designs are proposed, then verified empirically.

Workshop Outline:
• Introduction to PLA rheology
• Process Design Criteria
• Extruder Performance and Mixing
• Adaptor and Die Optimization
• Troubleshooting


Tools for Ingeo Users: Optimizing for Industry Success

It's been over 25 years since NatureWorks introduced Ingeo to the world, and during that time we've had to overcome a few challenges on our way to success. Working with a wide range of supply chain partners, industry experts, and NGO's across a broad spectrum of applications, we have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge. This session will bring together experts in machinery design, additive development, and product certification to share first-hand what we've learned and provide their recommendations for optimizing your experience with Ingeo to enable success in across industries.

About Tim Womer

Tim Womer is the President of TWWomer & Associates, LLC. He was the 2006-2007 President of the Society of Plastics Engineers and served on the SPE Extrusion Board of Directors for over 22 years including serving as a Chairman in 1999-2000.

Tim is a recognized authority in plastics technology and machinery with a career spanning over 40 years; having worked for other companies such as Xaloy, Inc., Spirex Corporation, Conair Group and NRM Corporation.

Tim has designed thousands of screws that have been used in all areas of single-screw plasticizing, such as extrusion, blow molding and injection molding. Numerous patents have been issued for his inventions of screws, mixers, processes and other products.

In 2012, Tim was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame for his contributions to the Plastics Industry and is also on the Board of Governors for the Plastics Pioneers Association. Tim is only one of six SPE members to ever receive three of SPE’s highest awards which include, Distinguished Member, Honored Service and Fellows. Tim remains active in SPE by serving on the SPE Foundation Board and the SPE Awards Committee.


Don’t just take our word for it

I strongly recommend Innovation Takes Root. It's a good opportunity to understand and see what happens in this area of biopolymers. It's an international event and not just on PLA. I think it's well done, well-managed, and well-organized. It was a good investment for me.
Marco Garilli

Innovation Expert - Polymers, Electrolux

I'd definitely come back (to ITR) and recommend it. I think many different industries could learn something from a conference like this - it really is focused on the next level of sustainability.
Maddie Guillory

Vice President, Titan Robotics

It has been a wonderful event; very well organized. I especially appreciate the scheduling of activities, the alternation of speeches, and time to network, which has been one of the key successes from my point of view. We also felt very supported by your team; we had the feeling you believe in what Flo is doing and, for us, that's very important.
Tazio Zerbini

Operations Director, Flo S.p.A.