Paul Rothweiler

Paul Rothweiler

Paul Rothweiler 
Director of 3D Printing and Immersive Visualization, Earl E. Bakken Medical Device Center, University of Minnesota


3D Printing and Immersive Visualization in Healthcare Design & Delivery

The potential for 3D Printing and Immersive Visualization (3D-IV) in healthcare continues to benefit patients around the world. This presentation will review case studies on how 3D-IV has accelerated the understanding of clinical doctors, development of new interventions by Engineers, and improved patient outcomes at the University of Minnesota. Current programs include accelerating device design and performing pre-operative practice. Future applications have the potential to include near-real-time device development (e.g. Design by Dragging) and deployment on a global scale.

About Paul Rothweiler

Paul is a member of the Earl E. Bakken Medical Device Center’s 3D (Printing) and Immersive Visualization services (3D-IV). The group works intimately with clinicians, researchers and industry to expedite the development, and improve the quality, of medical care to patients. The Bakken MDC is a joint program of the Academic Health Center (AHC) and College of Science & Engineering (CS&E) at the University of Minnesota. Paul is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in Chemistry and Human Physiology, with over 30-years of polymer/plastic experience in various roles from Researcher to Vice President.


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