Roberto Stefanoni

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Roberto Stefanoni

Roberto Stefanoni 
TBA, Mitaly


Advancements in Single-Serve Beverage Delivery

Compostable And Barriered Capsule for the Coffee & Beverage Sector

After several years of R&D efforts and substantial investments in technological advanced equipment and machinery, Mitaly has been able to win the huge challenge to manufacture a single-serve capsule for the coffee & beverage sector that is really ecological because it is fully COMPOSTABLE but also fully BARRIERED to the oxygen and to the humidity, granting a real 18 months shelf life of the final product.
This has been possible thanks to the Plastic Molding Co-Injection technology applied exclusively by Mitaly to the coffee & beverage single-serve capsule and granting a perfect three layer materials (PLA-Barrier-PLA) manufacture. An additional competitive advantage is the capacity to perfectly apply such a technological advanced capsule for any system among the most commonly requested by the consumers, referring both to the US and to the European markets.

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