Nirup Nagabandi

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Nirup Nagabandi
Staff Scientist, Essentium Inc.


Next steps in Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) has garnered a lot of interest in last 4-5 years in the space of manufacturing and for good reasons. Recent advances in this technology are providing new solutions and opportunities at lower costs in a myriad of industries including medical, auto, aviation, fashion, art, military, retail, and infrastructure.

In the first place, AM saves money by reducing inventory holding as a part can be printed whenever required. In addition, AM can reduce off-times, since lead times will be shortened as sourcing can be done internally or with just one supplier instead of multiple, and reducing material used to manufacture since you only process the material that you need, and by helping in cutting down several steps in manufacturing. In addition to saving money, AM can provide single models and custom fits, which are otherwise non-manufacturable, thus improving efficiency.

AM does not stop at being a supplement to current manufacturing, but impetuses to innovate as it opens opportunities to design and develop efficient organic structures, which were never made before because it was simply not possible to manufacture them. The bottleneck for such promising technology lies in the number of materials that can be used in AM, the applications in which it can be used, and lack of replicating bulk strength in all direction. Essentium presents industry-changing technology for obtaining bulk strength in all directions and provides materials that are of high strength. Essentium is also coming up with no-compromise AM materials in the sphere of ESD safe materials.

About Nirup Nagabandi

Dr. Nirup Nagabandi is a staff scientist at Essentium Inc. working on next generation materials with focus on nanomaterials and chemistry. He works on improving material properties and synthesize specialty materials in bulk and additive manufacturing space. His doctoral work at Texas A&M University resulted in several publications and patents which outline novel and robust techniques in nanocomposite synthesis involving different types of nano particles and property enhancements.


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