Sarah Jordan

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Sarah Jordan 
Owner, Skuld LLC


Breaking it Down: Engineering for Degradability in Industrial Applications

AMEC: The Future of Metal Additive Manufacturing

There is a lot of hype around metal additive manufacturing. Proponents promise it can eliminate tooling, eliminate inventory, provide parts almost instantly, allow impossible designs, give you single piece flow, allow design complexity, and more. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems preventing the spread to mass production and applications beyond high end applications like medical and aerospace industries. What fans of direct metal 3D printing don’t tell you, is that there is limited alloy availability, unpredictable and difficult to detect defects, inconsistent material properties, high cost of equipment and raw materials, and poor material properties such as strength, fatigue life, and corrosion resistance. Evaporative casting (aka lost foam) as well as Skuld’s new process, Additive Manufacturing Evaporative Casting (AMEC), can solve the problems with metal 3D printing while keeping the benefits. Both of these have additional advantages when using PLA.

About Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is CEO of Skuld LLC which she co-founded with Mark DeBruin. She has a B.S. in metallurgical engineering and an M.S. in materials engineering focused on steel solidification. She studied innovation and entrepreneurship while obtaining an MBA at Carnegie Mellon University. Skuld LLC is a startup focused on innovation in the casting industry. They are commercializing several technologies including ultra-thin walled ductile iron technology, the steel lost foam casting process, as-cast threads, surface alloying techniques, and AMEC, a process where 3D printed polymer is vaporized converting it directly into ferrous or nonferrous metal.


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