Maddie Guillory

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Maddie Guillory 
Vice President, Titan Robotics


Fit for Foundry: A Niche for PLA in Industrial Additive Manufacturing

West Africa is not traditionally known as a high-tech region, but one company is using industrial Additive Manufacturing to not only change its course as a business, but improve innovation in the region as a whole. Titan Robotics installed the largest known 3D printer in West Africa less than a year ago at Nigerian Foundries Limited (NFL). With its high dimensional tolerance, PLA is the material of choice for this innovative foundry and many others, achieving high quality patterns at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional pattern making methods.

This presentation will provide a testament to the industrial application and impact PLA 3D printing is having on the foundry industry and the region. NFL was able to eliminate hand-carving patterns out of wood, a time consuming and less accurate method of traditional pattern making. Instead of four weeks, patterns can be created in a few days and at a much higher quality, increasing the foundry's capacity for growth and ability to compete on a national and international stage.

As NFL and many others look to the future of 3D printing, Adaptive Pellet Extrusion (APE) will be the next step in producing large patterns and molds at even faster rates. Affordable print stock at high deposition rates creates new and compelling solutions for not just foundries, but other industries looking to advance their manufacturing processes. Titan Robotics is rapidly advancing the use of APE using the Atlas system, demonstrating successful printing of new materials, including new compounds of PLA.

About Maddie Guillory

Maddie Guillory left the television news industry two years ago to join her husband, Clay, at what was then a small start up, Titan Robotics. Over the past two years, the husband and wife team have grown Titan into one of the leaders in industrial Additive Manufacturing with a global reach. Maddie and Clay both share a passion for 3D printing and the solutions it can provide in all facets of production, from changing manufacturing methods to applications in health, research and education.


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