Marco Garilli

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Marco Garilli

Marco Garilli 
Innovation Expert - Polymers , Electrolux Italia SpA


Plenary Session

Bio-Based Material for Appliances: The Electrolux Experience

Bio-based plastics are well known for disposable products, but their use for durables is relatively limited. The use of PLA to produce a real prototype of a refrigerator by using two different technologies, such as extrusion/thermoforming and injection molding, is a clear evidence that everything is now ready for a real step change. Even though there is some development work to do before reaching the stable industrial production, this is a great opportunity to take into consideration. The application to products like appliances, produced in tens of millions products per year is therefore extremely significant and can really lead to a strong reduction in CO2 emission worldwide.

About Marco Garilli

Marco has a degree in Chemistry and has spent almost 12 years in the petrolchemical industry, always in the R&D area. After that, he worked for 8 year for a company supplying plastic parts for the automotive industry. Now he works at Electrolux Global Connectivity & Technology and is responsible for a few projects focused on the use of sustainable plastics in appliances.


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You can create value by doing something that's good for the world, and I'm not talking about making money and then giving it away. I'm talking about the way you make money is by doing something that the world needs, and so that's what's so -- one of the things that's so inspiring about being here is that that is underlying all the businesses here.
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I'm inspired from the standpoint that I'm coming back from the conference with an understanding of more of the material science. And that's really, really, really important because that means that it's going to impact work that I've got going on in the laboratory right now.
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Anyone that's out there, whether you're a product or service provider or just somebody that wants to understand what's happening in the bioplastics industry, I recommend strongly that you think about coming to Innovation Takes Root. This is a conference where you're going to learn a lot, you're going to actually be able to have the opportunity to collaborate with others and develop partnerships that will last a lifetime.
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