Leandro Costa

Leandro Costa

Leandro Costa
International Sales Manager, PlantPaper


Green Biotechnology in the Horticulture Sector

Every year hundreds of billions of plants are grown in nurseries all over the world. This within flowers, vegetables, coffee, scrubs and trees, fruits, forestry, etc. The most common way is to start the young plant is either in a plastic pot, a mix of peat and glue, a plastic bag, or a Paperpot System. Common for all those systems is, that they are based on fossil-based oil products, including the Paperpot System that is believed to be eco-friendly. However, the Paperpot system used today contains a huge amount of fossil-based plastic. The problem using fossil-based plastic in the paper sleeves is that the sleeve will be planted into the ground together with the plant. And the plastic fibers will be left in the soil to degrade into micro plastic, that will stay there for eternity. At the same time, most papers for the Paperpot system today is glued together. This glue will also be planted in the soil, and left for the future. PlantPaper is innovative, once we manage to remove all fossil-based plastic and glue from the paper, meaning that our product is 100% biobased and glue-free! With PlantPaper the growers will not “plant” fossil based plastic and glue into the soil/nature. PlantPaper is effective and important, since it makes the user able to think more sustainability into their production, to meet the demand from the customer for an environmental friendly product.

About Leandro Costa

Leandro Costa, engineer, with extensive experience in the commercial area, is the International Sales Manager of PlantPaper. Leandro helped introduce the Paperpot technology to the forestry and sugar cane sectors, the biggest sectors in South America. Today, Leandro travels all over the world: Vietnam, China, India, Russia, Israel, Korea, Europe, and South America maintaining and creating new business opportunities.


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I strongly recommend Innovation Takes Root. It's a good opportunity to understand and see what happens in this area of biopolymers. It's an international event and not just on PLA. I think it's well done, well-managed, and well-organized. It was a good investment for me.
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I'd definitely come back (to ITR) and recommend it. I think many different industries could learn something from a conference like this - it really is focused on the next level of sustainability.
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It has been a wonderful event; very well organized. I especially appreciate the scheduling of activities, the alternation of speeches, and time to network, which has been one of the key successes from my point of view. We also felt very supported by your team; we had the feeling you believe in what Flo is doing and, for us, that's very important.
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