Gabriel Bentz

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Gabriel Bentz

Gabriel Bentz
President, Slant 3D


3D Printing: From Prototype to Production

3D printing was created, and is recognized, as a prototyping technology. But it has reached a point where it's feasible to produce high quantities of production 3D printed items as an alternative to injection molding and several factors have converged to make this possible. They include Speed, Quality, and Cost. In this conversation, Gabe will discuss how Slant 3D has addressed each of these factors.

About Gabriel Bentz

During college Gabe left, for one year, to start his first company, which morphed into the product design firm Slant Concepts. He became a robotics engineer and moved his company to Boise, Idaho to focus on developing consumer robotics. In 2017, Slant Concepts realized the need and potential of commercial 3D printing. This recognition led to the creation of the spin-off Slant 3D. Gabe now spends most of his time among rows of 3D printers, growing the highest-capacity commercial 3D printing farm in the western United States.


Don’t just take our word for it

You can create value by doing something that's good for the world, and I'm not talking about making money and then giving it away. I'm talking about the way you make money is by doing something that the world needs, and so that's what's so -- one of the things that's so inspiring about being here is that that is underlying all the businesses here.
Kaihan Krippendorf
Founder, Outthinker
I'm inspired from the standpoint that I'm coming back from the conference with an understanding of more of the material science. And that's really, really, really important because that means that it's going to impact work that I've got going on in the laboratory right now.
Jesse Hipps
Anyone that's out there, whether you're a product or service provider or just somebody that wants to understand what's happening in the bioplastics industry, I recommend strongly that you think about coming to Innovation Takes Root. This is a conference where you're going to learn a lot, you're going to actually be able to have the opportunity to collaborate with others and develop partnerships that will last a lifetime.
Justin Zeulner
Green Sports Alliance