Fireside Chats

Gather 'round the fire as we follow up on burning questions and topics. 


Fireside Chats

Attendees were invited to relax after a long conference day and casually chat with the industry specialists who keep our markets alive and well. 

Emerging Markets for Ingeo

Monday, Sept. 10th
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Vista Fireplace 

Focus on new markets, cutting-edge applications, and innovative business models with Manuel Natal, Director of Product Development, and Tim Vanyo, Applications Engineer, as they look into their crystal ball and read the future of our industry.

From Farm to Trash

Monday, Sept. 10th
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Lobby Fireplace

Join Mariagiovanna Vetere, Global Public Affairs Manager, Tim Goodman, Cradle to Cradle Manager, and Dr. Norbert Schmitz from ISCC for an informal discussion and Q&A on end-of-life opportunities including recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, and chemical recycling. They will also discuss sustainable agriculture and legislation from around the world.

Gen Z @ Work

Monday, Sept. 10th 
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Buena Vista Terrace Fireplace

Join our keynote speakers, David & Jonah Stillman – the father and son Generation Z experts, for a deeper download on what drives our future workforce and how this will impact the biomaterials industry.

Regulatory Affairs

Tuesday, Sept. 11th
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Lobby Fireplace

REACH, EH&S, TSCA, SDS, RoHS - the abbreviations and nuances of global regulatory compliance are impactful and complex. Join Becky Brooks, Sr. Global Product Regulatory Affairs Manager, and Mitzi Ng Clark, Partner - Keller and Heckman, who can answer your questions and demystify a few of those acronyms.

Bill Coggio

The Vercet Platform & Everything About Lactide Chemistry

Tuesday, Sept. 11th
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Vista Fireplace

From coatings to adhesives, NatureWorks’ new lactide-based chemistries are opening new markets and enabling new applications. Come meet with Brian Glasbrenner, Commercial Manager, and Dr. Bill Coggio, Application and Technology Development Manager, to learn about the new platform and what exactly a polyol can do

Jed Randall

Deep Tracks from Technical Development

Tuesday, Sept. 11th
8:30PM - 10:00PM, Bernardo Patio Fireplace

With a combined 40+ years of experience in the bioplastics industry, Donavon Kirschbaum and Jed Randall, Principal Scientist are responsible for some of the biggest technical innovations in Ingeo applications. Come sit with the guys as they tell stories about the big failures and bigger ideas that have driven the last 10 years of innovation.

Don’t just take our word for it

I strongly recommend Innovation Takes Root. It's a good opportunity to understand and see what happens in this area of biopolymers. It's an international event and not just on PLA. I think it's well done, well-managed, and well-organized. It was a good investment for me.
Marco Garilli

Innovation Expert - Polymers, Electrolux

I'd definitely come back (to ITR) and recommend it. I think many different industries could learn something from a conference like this - it really is focused on the next level of sustainability.
Maddie Guillory

Vice President, Titan Robotics

It has been a wonderful event; very well organized. I especially appreciate the scheduling of activities, the alternation of speeches, and time to network, which has been one of the key successes from my point of view. We also felt very supported by your team; we had the feeling you believe in what Flo is doing and, for us, that's very important.
Tazio Zerbini

Operations Director, Flo S.p.A.